About Us


  “Our mission is to create a ripple effect of wholesome goodness and connection with each person we encounter so that they leave they have a positive effect on everyone around them.”

~ Elevate Founder, Bernie Rees




Elevate Wellness Hub is about connection; with your mind, your body and with other like-minded humans.


  Elevate Hub is no average day spa, not by a mile! We have mindfully created the most beautiful destination to cater to all of you and your own personal journey to enhanced & holistic health and wellbeing.

 Our passionate approach to holistic wellbeing drives us to help you learn and grow in health, all whilst you relax and recalibrate. Offering a range of treatments, from indulgent spa packages, health coaching, mindful living, naturopathy and everything in between, using only natural, organic and active products wherever we can.

Elevate is the centre of abundant health & wellness on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.