Advanced Facials

Our First Date

This facial treatment is perfect for your first visit at Elevate Hub, take your skin to a new level. We include before photographs of your skin with a detailed consult providing the perfect prescription and treatment recommendations going forward. We use the Synergie Skin DNA analysis tool for a more in depth idea of how your skin is tracking, this tells us which skin conditions you are pre-disposed to. We perform a customised facial to target any imbalance and send you home with a prescribed Synergie Skin Kit, as well as a Gift Bag from the Elevate Hub Team to welcome you to the Elevate Tribe. We are passionate about skin and body health and want to provide the best possible outcome for you. This is a perfect start.

* This facial is valued at $620 and will be recommended with 2 Synergie Custom Facials each 6 weeks apart.
PRICE: $420   |    DURATION:  2 hours   |     Book my appointment now

Forever Young

Who said incredible results can't be achieved in a deeply relaxing way!? With a 90 minute facial, we have time to pamper you, help you unwind and really switch off, not without compromising on all the results you need. A custom Synergie peel, deep exfoliation, vitamin infusion, LED light therapy and Bio-Alginate Peel-off Mask will take your skin on a journey back to feeling brighter, tighter and glowing. This treatment would be perfect to have every 6-8 weeks.
* This facial includes a 15 minute skin consult

PRICE: $300   |    DURATION:  105 mins   |     Book my appointment now

Custom Synergie Skin Facial

This facial is a great place to start when you are not sure what you need. Some TLC, some extractions, a deep exfoliation, Rosacea or tired skin, we've got you covered! This facial is perfect for us to customise your skins needs and help you relax while we work our magic!
* This facial includes a 15 minute skin consult

PRICE: $190   |    DURATION:  90 mins   |     Book my appointment now

Mini Glow Up

A great treatment for maintaining healthy skin! A deep cleanse, Custom Synergie Peel and LED light therapy helps keep your skin healthy! Finished off with all the
yummy goodness to seal in that glow using serums and moisturisers perfect for your skin type.

* This facial includes a 15 minute skin consult

PRICE: $150   |    DURATION:  45 mins   |     Book my appointment now

Vitamin Infusion Glow

During this amazing Synergie facial, we apply a gentle enzyme peel to help slough off dead skin and combat fine lines, a vitamin infusion and galvanic techniques that bring your skin back to life by helping us push these products deep into the skin. Finishing off with Synergie's Professional mask formulations, a potent blend of active ingredients including intense hydrators, marine extracts, Niacinamide and Canadian willow herb. We also never let you walk out without a little pampering & massage!

* This facial includes a 15 minute skin consult

PRICE: $200   |    DURATION:  75 mins   |     Book my appointment now

Breakout Buster

Acne and breakout is not fun - but fixing it and having healthy skin is! What you really need is a deep clean, the right custom Synergie Peel, Vitamin infusion, maybe
some extractions if needed and a Bio-Alginate mask to soothe and reduce inflammation. This facial is completed with an LED treatment, this means we can combat all the active bacteria and minimise the return of new breakout. We recommend monthly facials to keep everything at bay paired with the Balance and Clarity Synergie Skin Kit.

* This facial includes a 15 minute skin consult

PRICE: $190   |    DURATION:  90 mins   |     Book my appointment now


A beautiful eye treatment aimed at soothing, hydrating and releasing some puffiness through lymphatic massage, mask and serums are applied to seal in moisture.

Enjoy a delicious Lip Scrub to heal and replenish dry lips, a mask with organic, plumping and hydrating ingredients all aimed at giving you kissable lips and a delicious Lip Jam to lock in all that goodness. All vegan and certified organic ingredients.

 SYNERGIE CUSTOM PEEL - from $89 - $120
Synergie Skin has a range of incredible peels, from Enzyme Hydro-Peel to our strongest Jessner-Peel, we choose which peel is right for your skin journey and work our
 way up to stronger peels each time giving you deeper results.

This advanced sheet mask is packed with a concentrate of hyaluronic acid and rich nutrients to enable a faster cell turnover, hydrate deeper into the skin and is perfect post peels. Super charge your results with this beauty! Perfect for sensitive, dehydrated or damaged skin.

An Healite Il LED treatment is fantastic at flooding the skin with 'healthy light' - this is what gives you an incredible glow. Healite Il LED is also fantastic at combating breakout by getting deeper into the skin.

This incredible peel off mask locks in moisture and deeply hydrates. Due to its occlusive action, it produces anti-oedemic effects on the face, reduces puffiness and dark circles. The Algin extract is a cooling and hydrating occlusive to enable the deeper delivery of active ingredients 
to the basal and dermal layers of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.