Deluxe Packages

Soul to Sole

A luxurious head-to-toe treatment aimed at leaving your whole body silky
smooth and supple. This treatment is designed for absolute indulgence.
A full body vanilla bean scrub removes dry skin and is replenished with
hydrating and velvety smooth, organic cocoa and honey body wrap and 1 hour full body massage. A petit botanical facial using apple collagen nutrients to bring your skin back to life and orange peel hair-cremé massage into your scalp leaves no stone unturned. A soulful experience helping you relax and feel brand new! This is true heaven for your mind, body and soul!

PRICE: $370    |    DURATION: 2.45 hours    |     Book my appointment now  


Revive a tired body, face and mind. Your treatment starts with an eye package which consists of your lashes and brows being tinted and tidied. We move on to an amazing Custom Synergie Skin facial that includes a Custom peel perfect for your skin and all the amazing vitamins that Synergie has designed to give you healthy, glowing skin. A foot treatment is where we end all this pampering so that you feel like you've had a mini makeover.

PRICE: $360    |    DURATION: 2.5 hours    |     Book my appointment now 

Tranquility at Elevate

Feel lavish from head to toe by enjoying a warm shea butter back massage and a 90 minute deluxe facial rich in botanical nutrients, escaping deeper into relaxation with a soothing contour eye treatment as well as a divine foot therapy. Taking your oh so indulged body out onto our deck to enjoy refreshments allowing all that soul nourishing goodness to sink in.

PRICE: $330    |    DURATION: 2.15 hours    |     Book my appointment now



A massage experience starting with warm shea butter massaged into your back, shoulders and neck. A face massage to deepen your relaxation and ease all the tension in your jaw and forehead. Your arms and hands massaged to release and tension and a delicious foot treatment that softens, hydrates and soothes tired aching feet.

PRICE: $220    |    DURATION: 1.5 hours    |     Book my appointment now 

For the mamas! Having a massage is not always easy when you are pregnant so
we've created the most divine package for your entire body to enjoy. We start
your massage experience with a beautiful face massage to help you ease into
the moment, then we massage warm shea butter into your shoulders, neck and
arms. Whilst you drift off into a deep relaxation, we give you a luxurious foot
treatment. And last but not least the most sensational scalp treatment, creating
time for you to feel connected to your body more than ever before.

PRICE: $180    |    DURATION: 1.5 hours    |     Book my appointment now 

A massage experience carefully curated to treat your body with hot stones and
warm shea butter, massaging your back, shoulders, neck and arms. We include
a beautiful face massage using warm stones, a foot massage and hydrating mask
to revive your tired feet.

PRICE: $220    |    DURATION: 1.5 hours    |     Book my appointment now 

This beautiful experience starts with a steam room session to soften the muscles and ease tension before enjoying a warm shea butter and hot stone back massage and 1 hour Apple Collagen facial to hydrate and plump the skin. Perfect for deep relaxation and rejuvenating the mind and body.

* Can be booked solo

PRICE: $330/pp    |    DURATION: 1.5 hours    |     Book my appointment now 


Treatment Add Ons

Please note these Treatment Add-Ons
can only be booked with one of the above packages.
Back Exfoliation $60
Back Massage $90
Divine Foot Treatment $30
Orange Hair Creme Treatment $30
Steam Room Session $30
LED Light Therapy $60
Lactic / Salicylic Peel $30 
Petit Botanical Facial $60
Soothing Contour Eye Treatment $60
Collagen Induction Therapy - Chest $100