Body Treatments

Vichy Rain Escape

A treatment that completely encapsulates your mind, body and spirit. Imagine having a body scrub and massage in a warm rain forest. Well, this is as close as we can get to that feeling. 5 Shower heads with warm water across the length of your body is running whilst you are enjoying a full body scrub, full body massage and scalp treatment. It's true bliss! 
PRICE: $250   |    DURATION:  1.5 hours    |     Book your appointment now

Organic Body Revival

Completely unwind with a reviving body scrub, hydrating body wrap and full body massage. While you marinate in delight we perform a delightful Petit Facial and Orange Cremé Hair and Scalp massage. Your body will thank you forever! This treatment nourishes you from head to toe. You need this if: Your whole body feels in desperate need of some rehydration and your soul needs to be pampered.
PRICE: $300   |    DURATION:  2.5 hours    |     Book your appointment now

Hot Stone Heaven

If you need to refresh your body-mind connection, or feel like your body aches with the intensity of 10876 stair runs, then this is the massage for you. Smooth baltic stones are warmed to soften tight muscles with warm essential oils. Specific stones are placed on large muscles as well as in almost every nook and cranny to help relieve stress you didn’t even know was there. You will feel a deep relaxation and release in your body afterwards — pure heaven!
You need this if: massage therapy is just not enough and you want a deeper, earthier experience.
PRICE: $80/$190 | DURATION: 30min/90min | Book your appointment now

Tension Relief Massage

Only the best certified organic essential oils are combined to deliver the most relaxing, blissful experience to help you unwind and rediscover your true beauty. Unwind with the best aromatic indulgence around and glide out a new person. You need this if: Adding oils to a massage takes you deeper into the massage experience.
PRICE: $95   |    DURATION:  45 min   |     Book your appointment now

Relaxation Massage

Take yourself on holiday with this beautiful relaxation massage where you'll be massaged top to toe. Your mind and body will thank you later when every part has been soothed with the magic of this massage experience.
PRICE: $140/$180 | DURATION: 60min/90min | Book your appointment now

Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnancy is tremendously beautiful. It can also ravish your back muscles and create general discomfort, especially towards the later stages. This specialised massage pays particular attention to those areas that only a mother truly understands. Allow yourself some TLC to ease pressure on your body and give you life so you can keep moving with that gorgeous expecting glow.
You need this if: You are growing another person and feel like your whole body needs a hug.
PRICE: $190   |   DURATION: 1.5 hours   |   Book your appointment now

Total Massage Escape 

Massages end way to fast! Especially the good ones! We have carefully designed a massage that covers inch by inch of aching, tired muscles, working on your head, feet, stomach, face and body. We leave no ‘muscle left untouched’ in this quest for total relaxation.
PRICE: $260   |   DURATION: 2 hours   |   Book your appointment now

Float Pod

Leave your troubles at the door and check in for a session in our Float Pod for an experience you’ll never forget. But be warned – one hour spent relaxing like never before can prove seriously addictive and you might just have to book again! Floatation is more than merely an incredible experience. Benefits include: intense relaxation, arthritis relief, endorphin release, detoxification, increased circulation and energy, improved concentration, stress and anxiety relief, heightened creativity, elevated imagination and thorough rest, considered more powerful than a deep sleep. Floating takes the pressure off your muscles, joints and bones. If you haven’t floated aimlessly in a large pod of water for prolonged periods before – have a chat to us about the treatment and whether or not it is the perfect one for you. We can answer any questions and have you floating into the 5th dimension.
* allow 75 minutes for total treatment
PRICE: $79   |   DURATION: 60 mins   |   Book your appointment now

Dream Steam

Things are getting steamy, and your muscles will thank you for it. Pondering life in our steam room on your own or with friends is the perfect way to detox your body, clear your mind and open your pores – this helps refresh your outlook on life. Consider it a meditation, as you’ll find it’s too hot and steamy to think about anything else other than being purely present.
PRICE: $39   |   DURATION: 30 mins   |   Book your appointment now

Add Ons

Back Exfoliation $60
Back Massage $90
Divine Foot Treatment $30
Orange Hair Creme Treatment $30
Petit Facial $60