Luxury Facials

Luxury Escape

This deeply relaxing facial starts with our signature destress ritual, soothing anti ageing eye treatment using Spaceuticals + Jade Crystal Rollers to massage and revitalise tired, puffy eyes. If you have congested sinus or suffer from headaches this will help relieve some tension in the face and forehead. This deeply rejuvenating Spaceutical facial is rich in potent omega oils, vitamins, antioxidants & precious floral concentrates, bringing your face & body back to life, we use an enzyme peel to remove dead skin and replenish with silk-peptides that help
to plum and hydrate your skin! Your head, shoulders, arms receive a warming massage too as well as a delicious foot treatment.

* This facial includes a 15 minute skin consult

PRICE: $250   |    DURATION:  1.45 hrs   |     Book my appointment now

Rose Quartz Bliss

The most luxurious facial starting with two types of gentle exfoliation, awakening the skin up and encouraging blood flow - this helps all the
rich botanical extracts soak deeper into the skin and soak up all that goodness. Rose Quartz wands are used to provide the most divine
massage sending you into a deep state of relaxation. This slow, and intentional facial will help you feel grounded and restore nutrients and
moisture back into the skin.

* This facial includes a 15 minute skin consult

PRICE: $220   |    DURATION:  90 mins   |     Book my appointment now

Cloud Nine

This sensational experience will plump and hydrate your skin, feed the skin with nutrients using pure organic fruit and botanical extracts to
refine the skin's surface for glowing radiance. An exotic blend of fruit enzymes, apple and marine collagen deliver a firmer and more luminous complexion. All of this yumminess encompassed with a face, shoulder, arm and head massage.

* This facial includes a 15 minute skin consult
PRICE: $190   |    DURATION:  1.15 hrs   |     Book my appointment now


A beautiful eye treatment aimed at soothing, hydrating and releasing some puffiness through lymphatic massage, mask and serums are applied to seal in moisture.

Enjoy a delicious Lip Scrub to heal and replenish dry lips, a mask with organic, plumping and hydrating ingredients all aimed at giving you kissable lips and a delicious Lip Jam to lock in all that goodness. All vegan and certified organic ingredients.

SYNERGIE CUSTOM PEEL - from $89 - $120
Synergie Skin has a range of incredible peels, from Enzyme Hydro-Peel to our strongest Jessner-Peel, we choose which peel is right for your skin journey and work our
 way up to stronger peels each time giving you deeper results.

This advanced sheet mask is packed with a concentrate of hyaluronic acid and rich nutrients to enable a faster cell turnover, hydrate deeper into the skin and is perfect post peels. Super charge your results with this beauty! Perfect for sensitive, dehydrated or damaged skin.

An Healite Il LED treatment is fantastic at flooding the skin with 'healthy light' - this is what gives you an incredible glow. Healite Il LED is also fantastic at combating breakout by getting deeper into the skin.

This incredible peel off mask locks in moisture and deeply hydrates. Due to its occlusive action, it produces anti-oedemic effects on the face, reduces puffiness and dark circles. The Algin extract is a cooling and hydrating occlusive to enable the deeper delivery of active ingredients 
to the basal and dermal layers of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.