Deluxe Facials for Deep Relaxation & Skin Nourishment

Elevate Signature Facial

Allow me to introduce ‘our signature facial’ encompassing pure indulgence! Imagine starting a your treatment with a relaxing foot soak followed by a back massage soothing away aching muscles, before drifting off into a facial that plumps, enriches and nourishes your skin with active phytonutrients using Waterlily Skin & Body. During this indulgent mind and body escape, we massage all your gorgeous limbs, wringing out any stress that may be lingering around. This beautiful experience will take you on a sensorial journey feeling like you’ve spent the entire day at the spa with visible plumping results.

A little mini vacation for when you can't be in the tropics.

PRICE: $260   |    DURATION:  2 hours    |     Book your appointment now

Luxury Escape

This deeply relaxing facial starts with a soothing anti-ageing eye treatment using Jade Crystal Rollers to massage and revitalise tired, puffy eyes. If you have congested sinus, suffer from headaches or need some rejuvenation on your gentle eye area, this will certainly help. This deeply rejuvenating Waterlily Skin & Body Youth Elixir facial is rich in potent omega oils, molten nut butters, anti-ageing vitamins, antioxidants and precious floral concentrates, bringing your face and body back to life! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that your head, shoulders, arms and tired feet receive a warming massage treat too!

This facial is great for deep relaxation for body and mind with a great dose of nutrients for your skin.

PRICE: $200   |    DURATION:  90 mins   |     Book your appointment now

Back To Front Radiance Facial

If you are yet to discover the magical sensation of a back facial, this will blow your socks off! This back facial feels amazing. Exfoliating, massaging and hydrating every inch of your back & before your time is up, we start again, repeating the same amazing treatment on your beaming face using Waterlily Skin & Body to restore nutrients back into the skin. A skin plumping treatment drawing on pure floral botanicals, rich in omega oils & vitamins to redefine skin surface for glowing radiance. An exotic blend of fruit enzymes, silk peptides and marine collagen deliver a firmer and luminous complexion. This facial offers great exfoliation for those hard to reach places whilst hydrating and nourishing your face with instant visible results.

The best of both worlds leaving you feeling completely nourished.

PRICE: $180   |    DURATION:  90 mins   |     Book your appointment now

Botanical Bliss

 This sensational experience will plump your skin, feed the skin with nutrients and hydrate using pure organic fruit and botanical extracts to refine the skin’s surface for glowing radiance. An exotic blend of fruit enzymes, silk peptides and marine collagen deliver a firmer and more luminous complexion.  All of this yumminess encompassed with a face, shoulder, arm and head massage. 

This facial is perfect for you if you only have an hour but need some deep relaxation and help with nourishing your skin.

PRICE: $130   |    DURATION:  60 mins   |     Book your appointment now

Advanced Facials with a Little Pamper Too

Our First Date

This facial treatment is perfect for your first visit at Elevate. Especially if you are serious about your skin being at its best. We include before photographs of your skin with a detailed consult. We also use the Synergie Skin DNA analysis tool to have a more in depth idea of how your skin is tracking. We perform a customised facial to target any imbalance and send you home with the right Synergie Skin Care pack suitable for your skin type and a skin care plan, as well as a Gift Box from the Elevate Team to welcome you to the Elevate Tribe.
We are passionate about skin and body health and want to provide the best possible outcome for you.

PRICE: $389   |    DURATION:  2 hours   |     Book your appointment now

Take Me Back To My Youth

This incredible Synergie Skim Facial is 90 minutes of balancing and replenishing your skin using a custom peel, LED light therapy and Pure Vitamin Infusion to reverse signs of visible ageing, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. If results are what you need and relaxing is what you want, we customise each part of this highly effective treatment to suit your skin perfectly, with a little pamper too!
The LED light therapy floods the skin with healthy light giving you a visible glow. The Vitamin infusion gets to work on helping your cells rebalance and the peel ensures that pigmentation and fine lines amongst many other disharmonies are treated on a deeper level.

This facial is perfect if you need some serious repair, serious care and feel radiant, once again!

PRICE: $250   |    DURATION:  90 mins   |     Book your appointment now

Glow & Go - LED Light Therapy & Peel 

If you're in need for optimum skin health and glow, but always on the go? This ‘lunch time’ treatment, especially done as a treatment package, gives you unreal results. Nothing penetrates deeper into the skin than LED light therapy does. We include a Peel thats suitable for your skin type. All the right therapies for a busy schedule. Amazing for disappearing acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Think of this as your weekly skin workout. This mini facial is short but packs a punch.

This facial is perfect of you are short on time, have skin issues or have great skin but looking for that something extra to keep it that way.

PRICE: $100   |    DURATION:  30 mins   |     Book your appointment now

The Works

During this amazing Synergie facial, we apply a gentle enzyme peel to help slough off dead skin and combat fine lines, a vitamin infusion and galvanic techniques that bring your skin back to life by helping us push these products deep into the skin. Finishing off with Synergie’s MasquErase, a potent blend of active ingredients including intense hydrators, marine phytosaccharides, niacinamide and Canadian Willow Herb. We also never let you walk out without a little pampering & massage!
You need this if: You want to experience our epic techniques, feel relaxed and have lasting, visible results.

PRICE: $175   |    DURATION:  60 mins   |     Book your appointment now

SOS Facial

Something has gone wrong, or doesn’t feel quite right. Redness, acne, dull or tired looking skin, something bumpy, something eeek… not even sure what that is? We’ve got you covered!

This facial is perfect is you aren't sure where to start, need some TLC and a little help to restore your skin's natural balance. We use Synergie Skin Products for optimal results.

PRICE: $145   |    DURATION:  75 mins   |     Book your appointment now

Clean Teen 

You’re having a skin crisis? We’ve all been there, we know it totally sucks! We’ve got you covered! This is a facial with serious results – no unnecessary ‘fluffy stuff’. A few regular appointments will ensure clear skin and no more grey days!
You need this if: You have a face you wish you could leave at home sometimes, acne just came a knockin’… relax, we’ve got you covered!

PRICE: $100   |    DURATION:  60 mins   |     Book your appointment now

Turn Back Time Facial Treatments

Collagen Induction Therapy

Skin needling has endless benefits! Collagen induction therapy is for you if you would like to experience younger looking skin, reduce pore size, break down pigmentation appearance and say toodles to fine lines, scarring and broken capillaries. We promise it’s not scary at all, despite the name. From the very first treatment, the results are outstanding.
You need this if: You just need this! It’s natural, brilliant and healthier than unnatural substances, giving you strong, healthy and radiant skin.

PRICE: $390   |    DURATION:  75 mins   |     Book your appointment now

Tixel Full Face Therapy

This revolutionary treatment that rolls back the years treating deep set wrinkles and lines with minimal downtime. A groundbreaking treatment for Acne and Scarring, Rosacea and overall skin rejuvenation. Works especially well in tightening skin and inducing a massive boost of collagen production. This treatment can also be used on the eye area, helping sagging eyelids plump up and have a boost of collagen as well as the décolletage area to breakdown pigmentation and plump up sleep / chest lines. 

The TIXEL provides an effective but not aggressive treatment that sits between the results of non-ablative and ablative Laser procedures. The settings on the TIXEL are adjustable in depth of penetration into the skin and the duration of the tip in the skin. This allows us to tailor treatments to the skin condition being treated, skin type of the patient and downtime that is acceptable.

At low power settings there is no pain and no downtime. At high settings we do use topical anaesthetic cream and there can be some skin reaction for 3-4 days. However the skin reaction is much less after TIXEL than with ablative Lasers such as the C02 because the pure heat that is applied through the TIXEL avoids the burns, carbonisation of the skin and wound that occurs with ablative Lasers.

All available to book each treatment together or separately. Packages are also available so inquire in spa to get the best value for these amazing treatments.

PRICE: $649   |    DURATION:  60 mins   |     Book your appointment now


LED Treatment in LED Lounge

LED treatments are one of science best discoveries. LED floods the skin with rejuvenating light, helping to illuminate the skin, stimulate collagen production, helps with depression and mood improvement and combats bacteria from breakout and rosacea. We recommend doing multiple sessions in order to maintain that healthy glow, see our LED Membership if you'd like more than one session. Couple this treatment with regular peels and facials and your skin will be healthy and well looked after with minimal effort.

ONE SESSION: $49  |      Book your appointment now

Add Ons

Back Exfoliation $60
Back Massage $90
Collagen Induction Therapy - Chest $100
Divine Foot Treatment $30
LED Light Therapy $60
Orange Hair Creme Treatment $30
Peel $30
Petit Facial $60
Soothing Contour Eye Treatment $60
Steam Room Session $30