Treatment Add-Ons

Looking for a little something extra? We've got you covered. These little add-ons really seal the deal by extending your treatment or dabbling in a little something you usually might not have tried before. A blissful massage with a mini facial or a beautiful facial starting off easing all your tension with a back massage. Tempting right!?
Simply head to our booking page and add away. 
Advanced Crystal Fibre Mask - $49
This advanced sheet mask is packed with a concentrate of hyaluronic acid and rich nutrients to enable a faster cell turnover, hydrate deeper into the skin and is perfect post peels. Super charge your results with this beauty! Perfect for sensitive, dehydrated or damaged skin.
Bio-Alginate Mask - $49
This incredible peel off mask locks in moisture and deeply hydrates. Due to its occlusive action, it produces anti-oedemic effects on the face, reduces puffiness and dark circles. The Algin extract is a cooling and hydrating occlusive to enable the deeper delivery of active ingredients to the basal and dermal layers of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Soothing Eye Contour Treatment - $49
A beautiful eye treatment aimed at soothing, hydrating and releasing some puffiness through lymphatic massage, mask and serums are applied to seal in moisture.
Synergie Custom Peel - From $89 - $120
Synergie Skin has a range of incredible peels, from Enzyme Hydro-Peel to our strongest Jessner-Peel, we choose which peel is right for your skin journey and work our way up to stronger peels each time giving you deeper results.
LED Light Therapy - $49
An Healite ll LED treatment is fantastic at flooding the skin with 'healthy light' - this is what gives you an incredible glow. Healite ll LED is also fantastic at combating breakout by getting deeper into the skin.
Lips to Love - $49
Enjoy a delicious Lip Scrub to heal and replenish dry lips, a mask with organic, plumping and hydrating ingredients all aimed at giving you kissable lips and a delicious Lip Jam to lock in all that goodness. All vegan and certified organic ingredients.