Byron Bay Tea Company

Loose Leaf Tea


A beautiful range of luxury tea bags & spice blends by Byron Bay Tea Company: 

Chai (20tb)~ Enliven the senses with this exquisite chai blend combining Black tea with traditional Indian spices and some native Australian ingredients. Aniseed Myrtle gives the chai an extra zing and Roasted Wattleseed creates a rich and malty flavour. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the spirit of Byron Bay from your teacup.

Early Grey (20tb) ~ This classically scented Black tea has been blended with natural Bergamot Oil to produce a light, refreshing citrus flavour. A traditional afternoon tea with a twist.

Energy (20tb)~ Brighten your day with this clean, balanced and lively infusion of Green Tea, Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola and mixed berries. A perky and delightful tea to pick you up in the morning, inspire your afternoon, or energise your evening. A healthy alternative to coffee. Enjoy!

English Breakfast (20tb)~ This is a traditional blend of the finest quality Assam and Ceylon Black teas, which have been carefully combined to create a fully aromatic infusion with a rich, balanced flavour. The perfect start to your day.

Tummy Tone (20tb)~ A guilt-free treat to entice the licorice lovers. Combining the refreshing properties of Peppermint with the tasty treats of Licorice and Aniseed Myrtle, this specialty blend will linger long on the palate. Particularly beneficial after meals to settle the tummy or satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fortify (100g) ~ Cacao and Medicinal Mushroom Latte, needing a little spring in your step?Let Fortify take a healthy hold - a decadent wellness tonic combining the powerful healing benefits  of medicinal mushrooms and Tulsi with Cacao and a delicate blend of spices. 

Spice Dream (100g) ~ A deliciously healthy and exotic Chai Latte blend with a delicate balance of sweetness and spice, Spice Dream will enliven the senses and take you to a magical place far, far away like Byron Bay. Naturally caffeine-free and containing only spices, this is best prepared with your favourite milk and a touch of honey. Loose Leaf Tea. 

The gorgeous, recyclable cardboard boxes is made from responsible forestry sources with a re-sealable bag inside making it an easy way to store and access your biodegradable pyramid Calming teabags.