Superfood Blend


A complete plant-based powder formulated with a certified organic superfood blend that is fortified with vitamins and minerals for delicious chocolate nutrition on-the-go.


Tastes like the best quality milk chocolate - smooth, creamy and naturally sweet. Low-carb and perfectly balanced, it’s Nuut's best-selling blend.

20.1g protein 4.9g fat 14.3g carbs 4.4g fibre

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Rich, deeply delicious and tasting of dark chocolate. High in protein and low in carbohydrates.

23.5g protein 5.3g fat 12.4g carbs 4.2g fibre

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Lovely, light chocolate flavour that truly satisfies. Low in carbs and high in good fats.

12.8g protein 12.3g fats 9.9g carbs 1.3g fibre

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