Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist


TGA Certified* Complementary Medicine for faster falling asleep, longer deep sleep and better energy next morning.

89% of consumers have fallen asleep 8 minutes earlier than their average
91% experienced deeper sleep and longer duration by 21 minutes
74% experienced more energy, feeling fresher the next morning

*AUST L 347976
^Tested on 76 Australian aged between 25-65 female, 26-55 male over a period of 14 days^ if symptoms persist, please consult your healthcare professionals

The Advanced Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist significantly improves the quality of sleep with scientifically proven relaxing effects, ensuring the healing process throughout the resting period is optimised.

Sapphire Coast Night 2450
When darkness falls at Sapphire Coast, the ocean lights up a magnificent blue glow, dancing among the crushing waves. This enchanting blend of calming chamomile, tranquil lavender and green patchouli, repaint the night at this magical place where time was frozen, and worries were forgotten.

All-natural and plant-derived, SENSORI+ Advanced Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist contains ChloresPURE®, an exclusive green technology developed in Australia. The technology provides a gentle healing solution, eliminates malodours and neutralise airborne toxins on a molecular level.