A Beauty Chat with Georgie

We sat down this month and talked to our gorgeous beauty therapist Georgie about all things beauty, her skin routine & so much more.... Enjoy!

What do you think makes an amazing facial experience?

An incredible therapist has mastered the art of seamlessly connecting human touch and a sense of calm in our treatment room while also getting results for our guest. The perfect facial happens when we create a safe space for our guests to feel good about themselves both internally and on the outside. It’s like yoga for the face and oxygen therapy for our cells. If you leave feeling like you’ve been wrapped in a cloud of serenity and yet still feel empowered you’ve got all the knowledge in the world to continue to improve your skin at home, then you have been in touch with an incredible therapist.

What's your favourite treatment on our menu?

Awaken is my favourite body treatment; perfect mix of massage to tap into all the right places. Forever Young is my go-to Advanced Facial - incredible technology that always gets the perfect results. It gives you enough time to feel relaxed while also seeing a difference in your complexion.

Can you share your skincare routine with us?

In the mornings it's a splash of water, Effica- C and super serum, Uber zinc… simple! And in the evenings, I use milk cleanser + Ultra Cleanse with a soft cloth, Dermiotic (on days I feel my skin is stressed out), Vitamin A, Vitamin B (my holy grail), followed by whatever moisturiser tickles my fancy that night. Sometimes I mix an oil in too to add nourishment.  

Which skincare product can't you live without?

There are four that I can't live without. First is Synergie Vitamin B. It's given me soo much more confidence to go out with clearer skin. Second is the Beauty Chef Clarity supplement, I truly believe good skin starts in the belly so this is also my skincare. Thirdly, Uberzinc. Cannot believe I’ve found a moisturiser that targets my hormonal acne while also protecting me from the sun. And last but not least, GoTo sheet mask. Honestly the best plumping and hydrating sheet mask out there.

Who's your beauty/wellness icon?

My mother is my wellness icon. When I was young she would only put products on her skin that were free of anything nasty. This was long long before clean beauty became fashionable. She taught me to question everything we use. Her inner beauty shines through so much because of how she feeds and nurtures her body. She makes sure she gets enough sleep, enough sunshine... The dream! 


We hope you loved this chat with Georgie as much as we did. To book in your next appointment with Georgie you can specify this through our online booking system. Also to shop the products Georgie, simply signup here & shop our VIP skincare range. 

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