A Beauty Chat with Gillian

Our therapist Gillian sat down with us to have a short & sweet chat about all things beauty, her own daily skincare routine & who she admires in the beauty industry....

What do you think makes an amazing facial experience?

The therapists' ability to cater to a client's individual needs and customise each treatment for them and their skin.

Whats your favourite treatment on our menu?

Breakout Buster, extractions are intense but it's so satisfying seeing the clients skin transform.

What is your daily skin routine?

In the mornings I use UltraCleanse, SupremaC, Super Serum, Reclaim, UberZinc and Reveal twice a week. In the evenings I use an oil cleanser to remove my makeup, then it's UltraCleanse, Vitamin B, Enlighten, Reclaim. I'm also a sucker for a sheet mask!

Which skincare product can't you live without?

Reclaim and tweezers.

Who is your beauty icon?

My colleagues. Their combined knowledge and experience in this industry is unsurpassable. 


We hope you've enjoyed this chat with Gillian. To book directly with Gillian you can make this preference when you make your next appointment here.

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