Beauty Chat with Renae

Beauty therapist in black off shoulder top in front of Elevate spa

Meet the gorgeous Renae, our newest beauty therapist to join the Elevate team. We sat down with Renae and she shared with us her take on what beauty means to her from the inside and the outside. We hope you enjoy this beautiful chat with Renae as much as we did....

What do you think makes an amazing beauty therapist?
I believe an amazing beauty therapist carries themselves with integrity, is empathetic, and always wants the best for those around them; whether it be their clients or colleagues. A therapist’s love of learning supports their ability to provide superb support and service to their clients.

What is your favourite treatment on the menu and why?
My favourite treatment on the menu is the Forever Young facial. Clients float out of the spa with visible skin results and a deep relaxation that carries them through the rest of their day. There is enough time in the Forever Young facial for us to nourish your skin and soul.

Can you tell us how you care for your skin at home Renae?
Of course! I will preface by saying, I love the routine of applying my skincare and experimenting with products to see how they respond, so I can inform my clients of my experience. So, yes, it is probably more than your average girl but here it is...

AM: Waterlily Glycolic Cleanser, EnLighten, Effica C, ÜberZinc, MooGoo Tinted Zinc or Mineral Whip.

PM: Oil Cleanser, Milk Cleanser, UltraCleanse, Vitamin B, Ultimate A, ÜberZinc.

I also like to exfoliate 1-2 times per week using a fruit enzyme exfoliant or MediScrub. I also like to use the GoTo sheet masks.

Which skincare product can you simply not live without and why?
Ask anyone interested in skincare... SPF is essential! Any other skincare is used in vein if you are not protecting your skin in the first place. However, I can never let myself run out of a great oil cleanser. While it is incredibly practical, removing all makeup and debris from the day, it also is nourishing and leaves my skin clean and hydrated. Do a good deed today and spread the news about oil cleanser! (PS. The Waterlily Bio Cleansing Oil is a delight!)

Who is someone you admire that represents true beauty to you?
Those that carry themselves with grace and integrity, are resilient, loyal, kind, compassionate, and live life with a good sense of humour, are truly beautiful. The women I surround myself with in life absolutely carry these traits; in particular my friend Emma Ritchie. Em takes these qualities into her career and personal life - she is a wonderful therapist and an incredible friend!

To book in with Renae for your next appointment, simply select Renae in our booking system right here. For any of the Synergie skincare Renae uses in her own daily routine, you can access our VIP shop here. 

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