Beauty Chat with Ruby

Women beauty therapist portrait photo in white top

This week we sat down with our gorgeous beauty therapist Ruby to talk about her take on beauty, her favourite treatment on the menu and what she loves about working with women everyday. 

What do you think makes an amazing beauty therapist?  

An amazing beauty therapist adapts to their clients energy. They're able to hold space for their client in whatever way they need at any given moment. They understand that every client's energy, concerns and desires are completely different. A great beauty therapist also knows the power personal touch has on their clients and customises every treatment to their clients' needs. 

What is your favourite treatment on the menu and why?

This is a really hard question to answer as it depends on what my client is after. But I have to mention the Luxury Escape facial. It is a beautiful, relaxing facial that gives the client the perfect amount of time to really zen out and get the full experience. There's also no invasive or tingly elements to the facial, it focuses entirely on hydrating, nourishing and nurturing the client with a head massage and foot treatment. 

What is your AM + PM skin care routine?

I use all Synergie Skin products because they just work so well for me.

AM: Dermiotic, SuperSerum, ImprovEyes Day and UberZinc

PM: Dermiotic, Retifol, XCellB, ImprovEyes Day (I prefer a serum at night rather than a cream) and DermaCalm

Which skin care products can you simple not live without? 

Vitamin B and UberZinc have rescued my skin. I have had issues with an impaired skin barrier which made my skin really sensitive and prone to breakouts. These two products helped improve my skin barrier and have made my skin resilient.

Who is your beauty / wellness icon and why?

I don't have a specific person to name but I admire divine feminine energy and the beauty found in women working together in union. Working with women every day in unity is what I am inspired by. It makes me think of a beautiful quote: “Be the woman who fixes another woman's crown without telling the world that it is crooked" (by Leslie Littlejohn). 

We hope you loved this beauty chat with Ruby, if you'd like to book in with Ruby you can request her in our appointment system right here. To shop any of the skin care mentioned in this journal entry, you can head to our online shop here. 

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