Beauty Chat with Sara

Beauty therapist Sara in spa room

One of our newest beauty therapists to join the Elevate team is the beautiful Sara. We sat down with Sara to find out what her take is on beauty, what her own skin care routine is and who she admires in the world of beauty. Enjoy! 

What do you think makes an amazing beauty therapist?  

Someone that really listens to the needs of their clients to help them feel confident in their skin and making them feel relaxed and totally pampered during their treatment.

What is your favourite treatment on the menu and why?

Carbon Facial - not only does it boost collagen production, it also stimulates new fresh skin cells that help improve skin texture that maximises healthy glowing skin.

What is your AM + PM skin care routine?

AM: Ultra Cleanse, Vit B, eye cream & Uberzinc

PM:  Ultra Cleanse, Superserum, eye cream & Reclaim

Which skin care products can you simple not live without? 

Definitely my Vitamin B and Uberzinc.  My skin feels really hydrated, nourished and ‘well fed’ when I use these products.

Who is your beauty / wellness icon and why?

Audrey Hepburn.  Not only was she a fashion icon, but she had classic timeless beauty that is still recognised today.

We hope you loved this beauty chat, if you'd like to know more about Carbon Facials or to book your next treatment with Sara you can specify this in our appointment system right here. To shop any of the skin care mentioned in this journal entry, you can head to our online shop here. 

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