I tried everything to regrow my hair

I tried everything to regrow my hair

Our founder Bernie sat down to share with us her own journey with hair loss and something that happened recently that changed everything (for the better!).

A few years ago, (ok maybe 20!) I almost lost all my hair. I'd gone through a sudden traumatic event and found myself with a huge bald patch on the top of my head, almost 70% of my hair fell out. I had grown up with thick, luscious hair and that in itself was another trauma.

I've tried so hard to connect with that song "I am not my hair" and truly embrace being a thin-haired girl, but it's not an easy thing to accept. It's been an almost daily feat to regrow my hair, I've tried everything from supplements and specialists to products and singing at the moon, not much made a difference... that is until recently.

Before and after images of hair loss and now with regrowth of hair

I found Aéde and I am blown away. If you know me by now, I'm only interested in stocking products in the spa that I can back up with clinical data. Aéde hair supplements has completely changed the thickness of my hair. I have been taking it for 6 months now and cannot believe the difference. I bought a 3 month supply from my hairdresser who said she'd heard good things and after 6 weeks so much baby hair was already coming in.

After 6 months I cannot believe the amount of new hair I have. I feel so confident in knowing this will help anyone who is dealing with hair issues like mine.

Run, don't walk if you want decent hair growth! These before and after pics make me feel super vulnerable but I really want to share with you honestly how well this product has worked for me.

My favourite is the Hair Activist because it's the one I know works wonders for me and my hair. 

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