I was so embarrassed about my skin

I was so embarrassed about my skin

I don’t remember having my first breakout, but I certainly remember my last one. Can you believe it was only 6.5 years ago. I had a small beauty room in Brookvale and a lovely girl came in for a facial. She mentioned she was a rep for Synergie Skin which I had not heard of and was curious about this new brand. She said she had great results with her clients - boy was that an understatement! 

I bought the entire range, I was in the midst of building Elevate in my head and needed a premium skin care brand that delivered and shared all my values for skin care. Hand on heart, within 2 weeks, my adult acne was gone. I could not believe it. My skeptical mind thought it was just a case of new skin care fluke, kind of like the same feeling when you use a new shampoo and your hair feels great and then two weeks later its flat. 

Acne skin breakout on women's face

It’s been almost 7 years and I have not looked back. People don’t believe me when I say I had acne. I took pictures of my skin before I started using Synergie - proof is always in the pudding, but I wanted to make sure I documented the change. Not only did it change my skin acne wise, I have seen incredible results over 6 years with reserving premature ageing, rosacea, dull skin and pigmentation. Terri is a brilliant woman with a brilliant mind and we’re lucky enough to have that in a bottle. 

When I tell you that since I hit puberty, I had cystic, painful acne - I was so embarrassed of my skin - especially being in the beauty industry. This skin care is truely life changing and as a business owner that wants to provide something that actually works I am proud to have this on my shelves. 

The after face shot after changing to Synergie skin care

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