Let's Talk Advanced Skin Treatments with Bernie

Let's Talk Advanced Skin Treatments with Bernie

I started Elevate almost 7 years ago and I'm almost 42 now. I am seeing my skin change in my 40’s and I am sure I'll see another change one day when I hit menopause (although I keep convincing myself that I will skip this part of life - fat chance).

I am seeing a lot of clients that choose to focus mainly on filler and Botox and not really spending much time on products or skin treatments. The best way I can describe this effect on the skin would be to take an old balloon that was once filled for a fun birthday party and refill it by putting more helium in it. It will fill up but the texture of the balloon will show you it's not new. Good quality skincare will ensure your skin has all the right peptides and vitamins that feed the skin with nutrients, reboot damaged or ageing cells and stop the production of pigmentation.

Advanced skin treatments will help do the same, but on a deeper level. We love Skin Needling which really helps to break apart scarring, reorganise the reformation of new cells and stimulates collagen production. Don’t skip your neck when you have this treatment ladies!

Beauty therapist doing advanced skin treatment on spa client

The other is Tixel which tightens the skin and gives you a huge boost of collagen. What I love so much about both these treatments is that you receive the benefits for months to come from each treatment. Unlike the botox or filler that wear off gradually - these treatments actually rejuvenate your skin in the long term. Best of all, we can treat around the eye area so it’s great for hooded eyes, sagging skin or crows feet.

I do Botox and filler from time to time, but I promise you my skin would not look as healthy if I wasn’t using Synergie Skin and having these advanced skin treatments in-between. I know it seems like a lot sometimes, we have so many moving parts to take care of, but I promise you it’s worth it. Both my mum and grandma aged very fast - genetics weren’t good to them, so I know I am predisposed to premature ageing which is why I feel so fortunate to have the knowledge I do about how to take care of my skin and pretend I am still in my 30’s (wink - wink). 

I feel even more fortunate to have watched the journey of our amazing clients for almost 6 years now and observing their skin get better and better over time. I am so passionate about skincare and wellness and how different that looks to each woman. On that note, I hope you are well and thriving and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the spa soon!

Love Bernie x

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