Woman doing LED light therapy for pigmentation skin issues

Let's Talk Pigmentation with Bernie

It's so temping to write an entire book about all things pigmentation, but I value your time and your eyeballs and want to keep this as short and sweet as possible.

You might know the gorgeous Gillian who works with us at Elevate. She's been on a journey with her skin in reducing the amount of pigmentation. Gillian had been working on this for a long time before landing at Elevate. She's been using Synergie Skin products and having specific services that I will share with you below. These results are pretty significant and they have been for so many of our clients too.

Before and after image of skin pigmentation

There are many causes of pigmentation but what I have noticed over the years is a lack of treating the cause rather than the symptom. This is something we go into with our skin consults and we do recommend booking in for one to get the best results for beautiful, even skin tone as everyone's skin is unique. 

For now here is what we recommend you start with:

  • Carbon / Hollywood Facial
  • IPL Pigmentation Treatment
  • Regular Course of Professional Synergie Peels
  • LED Light Therapy

Products we recommend:

  • A great cleanser like UltraCleanse
  • Enlighten to stop the cause of pigment in the first place
  • Vitamin C to break down the existing pigment
  • Vitamin B to help with inflammation
  • Vitamin A to assist in better cell turn over and cell health

You can find these products in our online shop, simply login to purchase. Please note: Not every person can use all of these products so please consult with our team to know what will work best for you.

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