Our Current Top 3 Skincare Picks

Our Current Top 3 Skincare Picks

Choosing skincare is tough!

There's a lot out there and just like us our skin concerns change over time. We learnt very quickly that Synergie skin lab was different and that their products actually work. My team and I work day in and day out with clients who have skin concerns of all kinds including acne, rosacea, dry skin and everything in between. We pay close attention to the results and the feedback we get from our clients and we know what works.

Here's my top 3 skincare products that I'm loving right now:

Zinc, always Zinc! The Uberzinc doubles as a moisturiser and sun protection. Not only has this product won a few awards, it’s our best seller and we know why. This moisturiser hydrates without that greasy feeling, and protects my skin from the sun. With green tea extract and Lycopene, I know that I am adding a good dose of anti-oxidants that are mopping up all the cells that are no longer useful to me. 

Next is Vitamin B, she’s a good egg. Ticking a multitude of boxes, this amazing product gives hydration, breaks down pigmentation, helps with inflammation and gives you a beautiful glow. 

My third pick is the amazing new Lumibalance Oil. Growing up with terrible acne, even into my thirties, you couldn’t pay me to put oil on my face. Knowing what I know now and thanks to the technology we have in skin care now, this oil / serum is giving my skin that incredible boost it needs to sustain my glow, hydrate and plump. 

We hope you love this new beauty and skin knowledge base we have created for you. All the information you will find in the Journal is contributed by our founder Bernie and the amazing therapists at Elevate. If you would like to explore our Synergie range, click here.

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