Let's Talk Vitamin C with Bernie

Let's Talk Vitamin C with Bernie

Well, let’s talk Vitamin C.

I was standing in a local pharmacy store the other day picking up some more fake tan I don’t need and overheard someone telling the person working there how fantastic a certain brand was because it had 2.5% Vitamin C in it. It took every cell in my brain not to fly into school teacher mode and correct this information and why it’s probably a more expensive product than Synergie’s Vitamin C Serums running in at $135. This boils down to stability and delivery. Even if this product was $5 and had 100% Vitamin C in it, this wouldn’t necessarily mean it would be an effective product on the skin. How things are formulated is so important, especially when it comes to Vitamin C being that it’s an extremely unstable and volatile molecule to formulate with. A bit like my tan!

Insider tip: reputable brands like Synergie Skin are approved to sell therapeutic doses of incredible ingredients like Vitamin C whereas your department store/pharmacy brands are not. 

I equate Vitamin C to being the “Godfather” of ingredients, not to be messed with and to have a healthy respect for. It can be very irritating for some skin conditions and some flourish using it. This is why a skin diagnosis and prescription is so important. Synergie Skin has a few different types of Vitamin C for this reason and when you use the perfect one for you the right amount of times per week, your skin will flourish!

The two main purposes of using Vitamin C is to boost your skin’s immunity as this is a very powerful anti-oxidant, eating up free radicals in the skin that age us quicker. It also shatters pigment, yay right!? By breaking down pigment with frequent use, your skin appears brighter and more youthful. 

If you want to know more about how Vitamin C can help your skin come into the clinic and have a chat with one of our therapists or book a detailed skin consultation (the cost of the consult is redeemable when you purchase any of our Synergie products on the day). To shop Vitamin C products online, simply head here. 

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