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Amanda Jones

Diary of a Freelancer - Amanda Jones

Diary of a Freelancer - Amanda Jones

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A companion for the big dreamer and balm for the burnt-out soul.

A beautiful book to keep by your side - like a reflection of your own thoughts Diary of a Freelancer is like your best friend, there to guide you whether you're on an up, down or steady as she goes path. Amanda shares her thoughts, experiences and anecdotes to lift your mood and cause you to pause and find some space, even if only briefly.

For anyone who is living their dreams in any way, Diary of a Freelancer is a refreshingly left of centre take on work and life. Amanda’s off beat aphorisms have a wealth of real life experience behind them. With chapter titles such as ‘Rest’, ‘Rush’ and ‘Boredom’ you can be sure D—F will be a balm to the burnt-out soul and a companion for the big dreamer.

300 pages of unfiltered words and textures — made of 100% recycled, uncoated paper including the cover. Each copy arrives with it’s own cotton drawstring duster (see last images). Printed locally on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

"Within these pages lives the colleague that soothes your email anxiety, justifies and encourages your mid-day bath and fiercely protects and supports your big dreams."

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