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Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Fumée is a unisex fragrance for those who dare to be different, for those who live life on their own terms, the maverick. 

With a bold blend of fresh top notes, cedarwood, incense, and pink pepper, Fumée is a fragrance that demands attention.​

As you wear Fumée, the rich, earthy heart of cedarwood and incense wrap around you, creating a sense of calm and grounding. The smooth, woody notes of pink pepper and sandalwood add a touch of sweetness, elevating the scent to new heights.​

Finally, the base of Fumée brings together dry amber, cypress, and musky undertones to create a warm, sensual finish. The depth and complexity of this fragrance will leave you feeling grounded, refreshed, and rejuvenated.​

Fumée is not just a fragrance, it's a statement. A statement of individuality, of confidence, and of style. So, don't be afraid to stand out, to be bold, and to embrace the unique. Fumée is the fragrance for those who are unapologetically themselves.​

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